Insomnia. Post.

This is me. Blonde hair, wide eyes often a look like bambi on my face. I was often told I ran like Bambi, long sticky legs lacking any co-ordination. So I don't really run these days. I do on occasion when I feel I have eaten too many biscuits and I can feel my thighs welding together. Then I run, really fast until I can't breathe and remember why I didn't like running in the first place. I am much more of a dancer, I move alot from my hips. I think my clowning teacher once told me I had the walk of a prostitute, all from my pelvis..and to exaggerate that for comedy. We also agreed that everything about me was very long, I think my hands might actually touch my knees. I would do anything for a laugh in that class. I think I once licked the floor merely to see if anybody thought it was funny. I don't think they did. I think I just inhaled alot of dust.

Why am I writing this post? Well because I am a contradiction. Like we all are. I am soft and fair on the outside and dark, very dark on the inside. I can't always say what I want to, well I am learning to. I have another blog where my poems are quite dark and terrifying to those who read them. To me they are merely metaphors, its how I transform my mangled mind into words and images. I censor myself more on this one. Perhaps I will learn not to. I will learn how to shock without offending or without someone slipping me the name of a good therapist.

So this is me, please enjoy, please take out of the box. No safety instructions included.


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