It has taken me many years to finally admit who I am, to say out loud that I am an artist and a woman who will not be silenced. I am no longer a doll who sits with the dead and watches my life happen from underground. Of course there are times when I am silent, when my old patterns come up and I believe my voice is not worthy. Times when I believe being sensitive is a bad thing. "Toughen up Claire, don't be so led by your heart". Well I am sorry, but I am and I won't have it any other way. I want to be led through life with my heart, that is what pumps the blood around my body, that is what keeps me alive. I think alot of us feel our brain and our heart are two different things, they are not. You have to get really quiet though and listen, that is the time for silence.  That is the time to slow down and feel the life flowing through your veins, feel the beat from one organ to the next. When you do that, when you go inside and sit with yourself you find out who you really are. When you breathe deep and your lungs are pink and full for that one moment, nothing else matters and you see reality. I don't mean man made crazy reality, I mean the real one.  Not that anything is real of course,  its only a mirror of ourselves. Alice can tell you that.

Breathe deeply,
Discover yourself.


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