Ticking. Ticking.

This picture looks like it could have been taken in the sixties. It was actually taken outside a Thai Festival in Hollywood in April 2011. A moment captured, where the concept of time doesn't exist and we see it for the illusion it is. If all time converges, if the big clock is merely in our heads, where does that leave us? We all worry about time, about it running out.  We think time drips away from us, and the older we get the bigger the worry that our lives will drip out of us before we have lived them. I think there has to come a point in your life when you realise your quality of life is equal to the quality of the experience you are having, not how much stuff you have in it.

 I pretty much have nothing I am 'supposed' to anymore, I don't have a house or a husband or a bank account full of money. I don't own any designer clothes or jewellery and my shoe collection is very disappointing. There was a time recently when I began to see myself as worthless because everything Society says I should have, I don't. Everything society says a woman should want, I don't. That's hard for people to accept. They don't know what box to put me in. If you are living your life to your own rules, others can get upset. It makes them question the choices they made and start to take responsibility for where they ended up. I often get well its allright for you Claire,  you can do what you want. My answer to that is so can you, you just aren't able to see it yet.

What am I am trying to say is that, like in this picture we all have roles we think we should play out. Roles that society has been telling us we must stick to for too long. If there is just one thing you get from this, make it a moment to consider your heart. Its not airy fairy to do that, it takes guts and its more real than most of the things we give time to in our lives.  We would rather go shopping for something new to make us hate our lives less,  than look inside ourselves and realise that what we have got is beautiful. If you can't see that in the mirror yet, if you can't peel back your mask and really see yourself..then I am sorry. because for you, time has nothing left.

Go to the mirror, take a look.

You might get your life back.


  1. Wow Claire. This is so true. Thanks for putting it so succinctly. I totally understand and often feel a failure for not having done what society or my peers expect me to have done by now. Yet they are stuck in their own narrow worlds and can't see. Sometimes they let slip how they feel deep down, but mostly they keep their masks fully in place. This entry is my new favourite! Thank you.

  2. I love this too!!! So true and great! It is sad that the majority of women out there feel that we have to be a certain way. Or just when we find ourselves we get sucked back into what we think is right and just hide what we really want.
    Much love Claire

  3. Thank you ladies. It means so much to me that you can get something out of this. I think we all think about these things but don't say it.



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