Have you ever had someone crawl slowly up your spine, felt them lodge between your vertabrae, watched their dust falling to your feet. Have you left their name on the mirror as you tried to come up for air. Have you put your head against a cracked bathroom tile and tried to find them in the grout. Have you laid on the earth as their bones shifted  beneath your feet. Have you been underneath their ghost, before you smelt your death.

Have you sat in a dolls house and left fingerprints on the glass. Have you heard the wind rattle the skeleton of your heart. Have you dug your own grave with someone else's shovel.  Have you let your soul bleed because you didn't know it was there. Have you left yourself waltzing, are you dying in the walls. Have you watched your own dance from the comfort of your chair.
Excuse me

Please excuse me

But have you?


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