What do I want to write about today. My blog and I are having a temporary separation it seems. I cannot write the words because I cannot find them. My muse has gone to find adventure again and I can only mouth an echo to you . Today my soul is paper thin and is hanging on the line but cannot feel the breeze.  It is there pegged on, waiting for the rain to lick the ink away, to leave me naked again.

I can only think in blue today, petrol blue, policeman blue..blue and whites. I am seeking beauty in every moment, in every one I see. I seek it in myself as I go to the mirror. I want to look past my familiar form, to look inside my skin, past my skeleton and into me. I don't know what I will find today. Maybe today it will be empty and I will find only a cave and no song. Maybe I will find myself sitting in the corner listening to the stillness of the water at my feet.

I am sorry I can't hear you today.

Keep whispering.

I will find you.


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