Adam and.

"Bible news - Eve nibbles from lemon tree ." This was my caption for the picture above. I had envisioned a housewife eating it's fruit, a lemon cream pie of manipulated light. But I don't know how to do that yet. Hormones and low self esteem ravaged me as a teenager and I don't know how to bounce it. I don't know how to highlight me, yet shadow the craters in the crescent moon of my face.

Do you know that I am scared to focus? I am afraid to plunge into the pit of the universe and have it swallow me up. I am worried that falling into it's arms, heavy like curds, I will find myself hurtling into a concrete belly without a womb.

Sometimes I wonder if we are all just a tinfoil phonograph, scratched with voices that are not our own. Cast in an iron lung, still breathing in the air of Eve.


  1. Wow! Hit me right in the gut, Claire. Powerful and with such clear and potent imagery. Sometimes focusing and seeing clearly is frightening. Love to you.

    1. Thank you so much Audrey. That is exactly what I was writing about. Love C xx


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